Crm requirements gathering template

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Crm requirements gathering template

Every organization is different, and so your needs are different. You may have come across these acronyms in relation to proposals and tendering, but may not know what they mean. An RFI, or Request for Information is often used as a first step in identifying potential suppliers, as it asks them to provide details of their capabilities to narrow down the list before asking for proposals.

This usually involves projects where multiple, standardized, items are required, and all potential suppliers are provided with identical specifications for each unit or service.

RFPs are used where the project requires specialized knowledge or capabilities, or where a bespoke solution is needed, as with a CRM system. They ask for detailed information on the vendor's business as well as the system's ability to meet outlined requirements. What do you want your CRM system to achieve? Clear, measurable objectives will make the whole process more focused, and improve the chances of success.

Ask each department that may come into contact with the CRM system what it could do to improve their efficiency. Things like contact information, purchase and accounts history, and reporting are basic needs. But a good CRM system can do so much more. Use our CRM requirements template to help you gather and prioritize your requirements for new software.

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It is often best to go with a pre-prepared list and ask employees to rate the features by importance, something like this:.

This is a wider view but can be helpful in getting a feel for what needs to change. A further step would be to have deeper discussions with a few key employees who have the most exposure to the system and whose opinion you trust. Before creating your RFP, you need to be clear about how you need the system to handle your company data.

So, you know what you want your CRM to achieve, and you have your list of essential and 'nice-to-have' functionality. Now you need to communicate that in your RFP. Here are some general rules to start you off:. Your supplier needs to know what number of users and volume of traffic your system needs to handle, now and in the future.

crm requirements gathering template

Part of this is about selling yourself as a valuable client and attracting the best bids. Include a date for receiving proposals, a date for the decision making process and the date that you want the system up and running by. Potential suppliers need to know if they can meet your needs at a cost you can afford.

Usually, the budget included in an RFP will cover the design and installation costs. If the company will provide training, this should also be detailed in their response. Remember your list of needs and wants? This needs to be broken down for vendors if you want an accurate proposal. Remember, the more work that goes into your system, the more it will cost and the longer it will take.

Needs are non-negotiable, but wants could be assigned levels of importance.While every business is different, the following set of example CRM requirements, which are based on a fictional kiosk manufacturerprovides a framework for the type of information that can be given to a would-be CRM implementation company. This type of document can give CRM service providers a substantial amount of the information they need to more precisely estimate the scope of required CRM services. Many additional questions usually need to be posed before a services estimate is provided.

This approach goes beyond a traditional RFP, which is usually too general and is often more of a feature list than a set of requirements. To get to this point, we recommend first going through a structured approach to gathering and prioritizing business requirements. Abbott Ltd. We sell kiosks directly to commercial and government accounts in the United States and Canada. We have a distributor in Europe and a distributor in Asia. In the commercial arena, customers include retail chains, independent retailers and hotel chains.

Kiosks are installed in retails stores, hotel lobbies, airports and other places. We currently have over customers, with an average of 25 locations per customer. Many locations have more than one kiosk. We have 10 outside account executives AEsmost of whom work from home offices. There is one AE for each of the nine U.

SDRs are not currently paired with AEs. One RSM is responsible for the east plus Canada. The other RSM is responsible for the west. There are also two sales engineers SEs who align with the two regions. SEs accompany AEs on sales calls when needed. There is one major account representative who works on a dozen or so large accounts.

This person reports directly to the VP of Sales. Salespeople are currently using a combination of a contact manager, spreadsheets and email address books to manage their contacts. Adoption of our current contact manager by field users is very low. Some AEs use iPhones and some use Android devices. Our AEs are responsible for managing existing accounts, developing net new business on their own and following up on leads that have been handed off to them by SDRs.

AEs identify key players within target organizations, assess requirements and ultimately create proposals.

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Our proposals are 8 — 12 page documents with embedded pricing spreadsheets.The theme is " Powerful alone. Ace your Dynamics deployment with packaged services delivered by expert consultants. Explore service offerings. The FastTrack program is designed to help you accelerate your Dynamics deployment with confidence. Hello and Good day! Is there a Microsoft document or template for the requirements gathering in the implementation of Dynamics or for pre-sales process before implementation?

Like a questionnaire which contains questions we could ask to gather information while interviewing the customers so we could assess their requirements and we could advise a solution.

Although it is a little old, you still can use it as your reference.

crm requirements gathering template

Thank you for your response. This is what I also saw earlier.

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But, yes, you are right, this can serve as reference. Its more like asking client about their current process and then perform an exercise to convert those requirement in CRM functionality.

Even if you do, you will have to go for your own analysis. Typically, you can start with what is called as "discovery" wherein you understand what they have been using as their daily-driver for business and what systems are in place at the moment.

Next, you understand the "pain points" and translate those to Dynamics solutions for the same and how the users can streamline their processes and implementation. Next, based on the budget, you provide what all you can provide them in the implementation and how your "sprints" of implementation will be.

With regards to 3 above, you can then architect how the data from the old systems to the new ones will migrate. Typically, this is what most architects follow and can be said to be the standard way to undertaking a small to moderate-sized project. But having said this, it's a subjective thing and differentiates largely based on how you work and what you provide to the client. But then, what I mention is something you can see where it best suits your needs.

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CRM Software RFI/RFP Template

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Pre- Requirements Gathering for your CRM Project

Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Salesforce Sales Cloud. Other Pricing on systems available.Miles Austin.

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Many people want to pull their hair out when it comes to selecting a customer relationship management or CRM system. Not only do you want a CRM that actually improves your sales process, but you also have to consider the consequences of choosing the wrong CRM, such as turnover costs. Investing in the right CRM solution will help increase your revenue, cut your operating costs, and boost IT efficiencies, but first consider the amount of information you have to sift through.

Cut through the massive volume of data and find a CRM that meets your business needs by outlining your CRM requirements. Your CRM should be:. Now that you have an idea of what your CRM foundation should look like, simplify the confusing CRM evaluation and selection process by answering the questions below.

Here are several initial questions to help you get started and determine the exact use case of your CRM.

How to determine your CRM requirements (free template included)

Your answer might be yes to one or all of these questions. What do you want your CRM to do? What features do you need to improve? Where are the gaps? Factor in your future needs as your company grows. When reviewing CRM systems, check to see whether you can customize as you expand.

Whatever your goals are, write them down. You will also be able to better evaluate your options if you know what your end goals are. CRM pricing varies greatly. Monthly charges, per-user payments, one-time fees — all of it can give you a massive headache. Decide how much you can realistically spend, and then find the best bang for your buck.

Review your CRM goals first to help build your budget.And before you can be sure of that, you need to know what your requirements are. A well-planned requirements gathering exercise is therefore essential in CRM selection success.

Get this wrong and you'll end up with an ill-fitting CRM that drains your resources and offers no tangible benefit to your organization. The last thing you want is a system with a thousand fancy CRM features, but none of which are useful to your business. Below, we examine how to identify your CRM requirements, and which features you need to meet them. Work through the steps below to identify your CRM requirements and map them onto the CRM features you need - spending time here will pay dividends further on, so don't rush.

First, consider why you want a new CRM system. You might find that using a CRM requirements gathering template or questionnaire will streamline the operation. Start with a wide lens and look at the business problems you are looking to solve first. Once you know what outcomes you need, you can identify what you need to improve. This will vary from business to business, but you might consider:.

Whatever it is, quantify what you want to achieve as succinctly as you can. This will help you map out your feature requirements further on in the process. The airline needed to make drastic savings at a challenging time to do business. As well as knowing the number of users, you need to look at how and when those users will access the system. The deployment method cloud or on-premise you choose will have an effect on how you budget for new softwarethe implementation services you require and how easy access to the system is, so weigh up your requirements very carefully here.

Once you have absolute clarity on the issues above you can start considering features. Starting with the mindset "I want the system to have xyz features" before being crystal clear on how they will meet your requirements will only lead to you spending money on features you don't really need and missing out on those you really do.

Functionality is probably the most important part of setting your requirements. This will require a CRM functional specification document, but before you can create one, you need to understand the core and advanced functions.

Customer relationship management is often seen as only being relevant to sales and marketing.

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A CRM system, however, is about information, which is vital throughout an organization. For example, data gathered in the sales process can be vital for account managers, accounts or legal departments.

crm requirements gathering template

Marketing is one of the most important applications of any CRM. Being able to target your marketing is crucial for the best results and a good CRM allows you to keep the information up-to-date. Matching the most relevant products or services with the needs of your clients improves engagement, increases sales, and maximizes return on investment.

Find software with the features you're looking for with our free online CRM comparison tool. Happy customers are repeat customers. They want to be listened to, have their needs understood, and problems put right.

Not only does customer service keep your clients happy, it also provides invaluable information to support the marketing and sales functions, plus strategic decision making. Organizations often fall down when a client goes from being a prospect to a customer.

Whereas if an account manager has clear notes to pick up where a salesperson left off it can be a phenomenal experience, and this is all about capturing and accessing the data systematically. Sales reports are obvious, but a good CRM system will also allow companies to track workflows and identify problems for better planning and performance. Graphical representations are a great way to quickly understand current and past performance and spot trends.

The possibilities here are extensive - the list below is just a sample of the reports available. Advanced features are almost endless in the current market but here are some key ones that are offered across the board. Whatever its size, an organization is a team made of many parts. Automated scheduling with reminders can help make sure everything in the business flows as it should, while shared access to work means that everyone has relevant information at their fingertips.

crm requirements gathering template

There are many messaging tools for company communication which are outside of the CRM space like Slack but there can be real benefits from keeping intra-company communications in the system to help track workflow. This can manage all calls, showing the key details for easy management.Download a free sample and learn more.

MS Excel xlsx KB. Save you time and effort Save time identifying and gathering your CRM system requirements because thousands of carefully researched criteria are already listed. Simply choose those you need and set their priorities. The standard format helps software vendors to more clearly understand your requirements and more easily respond to each requirement, using the space available within the template.

So you will receive clearer and improved responses. And consequently, spend less time and effort evaluating and comparing vendor responses. Accurate and thorough requirements specification All CRM criteria listed have been meticulously researched and checked. The template lists more than just software features and functions though - criteria for the whole system are included, comprising system operational requirements, technology requirements and software vendor support requirements.

This comprehensive and thorough list of criteria protects you from inadvertently omitting a critical function or feature in your requirements specification. And it contains multiple automated analyses and charts, which simplifies the analysis and comparison of vendor responses.

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Consequently, you can easily identify the CRM software which most closely meets your needs. Plus, full Template Instructions and Software Selection Tips are included to support you in your software selection process. The Template helps you to select the right software by providing clarity and transparency. You can clearly see your requirements, easily evaluate, score, analyse and compare vendor responses and so identify the best software solution for your needs.

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